Beautiful Thailand

Thailand has long been one of the most sought-after and fascinating countries in Asia, coveted by tourists from all over the World for its exceptional beauty, all year round climate and unmatched hospitality. Amazing beaches, welcoming people and an inexpensive lifestyle are just some of the reasons why many westerners have chosen to move permanently to the heavenly settings of the “Land of Smiles”.

The country has developed at a rapid pace in the last two decades, currently reaching a level where it easily competes with the biggest Asian centers in terms of high standard facilities and services, quality of life, healthcare, educational system and safety. Away from the dark and cold winters, Thailand’s all year round sunny climate is one of the major reasons why retirees choose to move here. Coupled with the sunshine, the great variety of fresh foods and quality nutrition provide for a healthier lifestyle. Swimming and diving in warm sea waters, over 50 golf courses to choose from, cycling and walking are just a few of the popular sports and activities for those coming to live here. These are definite bonuses for Retirees looking to stay fit and healthy.

The low cost of living in Thailand makes this way of life very accessible for retirees. Pensions last a lot longer here, compared to western countries, especially when it comes to day-to-day services as well as food and property. In terms of healthcare services, Thailand has developed a reputation for its hospitals at international standard, equipped with the latest equipment and technology. Most hospitals employ multilingual doctors and nurses who have had medical training/experience in western countries, giving you further peace of mind. Thailand is a renowned center of medical tourism due to its low cost of medical care and personal caring attention of the Doctors and Nurses.

The Country is also an ideal Asian destination in terms of safety. Thai’s are noted for their warm and friendly attitude towards foreigners due to the strong influence of their Buddhist religion. Because the Government relies so heavily on tourism as a major source of foreign revenue, they are very serious about the protection of foreigners. Thailand offers retirees from all over the World the chance to enjoy life in a tropical setting, where they can feel safe and receive western-standard assistance and accommodation. With all the conveniences provided for a peaceful and healthy life in a beautiful exotic country, it is no wonder that more and more westerners decide to spend their retirement days in Thailand.