Project Rules

In order to ensure quality time and tranquility in the village, we implement a set of rules and regulations with the purpose of offering our inhabitants the peace of mind of an organized living environment.

We understand the importance of spending time on personal relationships for our residents; family time is priceless and our residents are free to receive visits from their family members, including children whenever they want. Friends and family are very welcome to stay with you in your villa for a time and may use the communal facilities while in your company. Consideration of other residents and their ability to enjoy the amenities of the village is important to remember when guests are present. There is usually a time limit on the stay of visitors to the village in order to preserve the community’s tranquility.

Application for residency is required from any visitor staying within the development for more than 8 hours in any one day or for more than 24 hours in any one week.

Non-residents, the resident’s families or relatives, cannot solely inhabit the properties in the Koh Samui Retirement Village under any circumstances. This also applies if the resident is away and family wishes to use the property for holiday purposes or other reasons. This gives all residents the peace of mind and security of knowing that everyone in the village has the same degree of commitment about the lifestyle they have chosen

Properties are available to single ladies and couples ONLY. Should a resident be left widowed/single at any stage and should he find another partner, an “Application for residency” is required by the residents committee of the Koh Samui Retirement Village.

All properties are to be maintained at all times. The cost of maintaining the property is that of the owner. Any damage caused to the property is the owner’s responsibility. However, a 10-year structural guarantee and a 1-year warranty are provided to all newly constructed properties.

The project and properties are to be managed exclusively through Managing Samui Co., Ltd.

The properties are to be offered, only to over 55-year olds, exclusively through Koh Samui Retirement Village

Transfer of ownership, through death of the owner or after a maximum of 30 years is exclusively managed through Koh Samui Retirement Village.