Retirement Visa

Retiring in Thailand has never been easier than it is today, with the process of applying for and obtaining a Retirement Visa made very easy and accessible for seniors worldwide. Thailand has a very accessible system of application for a Retirement Visa

The applicant needs to be 50 years old or older

The applicant must show proof of funds through any one of the following options available:

Deposit of THB 800,000 (US$ 26,000) in a Thai bank account in personal name, active for a minimum 3 months prior to the visa application

Show proof of THB 65,000 (US$ 2,100) monthly income (original copy of income certificate)

Show proof of deposit account plus monthly income totaling not less than THB 800,000 (US$ 26,000)

If a couple applies at the same time, they only need to show proof of the deposit of THB 800,000 jointly.

Medical certificate (not required if the visa is obtained in Thailand)

Police clearance (not required if the visa is obtained in Thailand)

The applicant needs to have obtained a Non Immigrant O visa to visit Thailand as a tourist, which can be obtained from the Thai embassy in their home country or in Thailand

This will be converted into a One Year Retirement visa once you are in Thailand and once the requirements have been met

If the applicant is married then the spouse may also obtain a retirement visa regardless of their age but the couple needs to provide a notarized translation of their marriage certificate in the Thai language from the Thai embassy in their home country.

The retirement visa is valid for 1 year and is renewable as long as the applicant meets the application requirements

The retirement visa holder needs to report his/her address at the immigration office every 90 days either by personally visiting the immigration office or by posted mail (to be done 7 days prior to the 90 day term)

The requirements above also apply for the visa extension at the end of the 1 year period

The retirement visa holder is not allowed to work or generate income in Thailand

KSRV are here for you, and will assist you with the visa process and the funds required for the visa if needed