Return Of Interest Capital

A Full Payment Refund is available to all residents of the Koh Samui Retirement Village, and is established contractually upon the purchase of the property.

The refund of your initial investment in the property you purchased is paid as follows:

■ Returned to the registered owners (you or your spouse)
■ Returned to your next of kin or as otherwise specified
■ Returned to the executor of your estate or legal representative

A Guarantee of Payment Refund is issued upon the signing of contracts, with the funds to be transferred and held by way of trust account, which will also be used as way of repayment. All trust accounts and payments are to held and made offshore, in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Our guarantees and payment structure ensure all our residents that at the end of their stay with us, all the clauses of the agreement will be respected and are fully backed up throughout.

The amount refundable is equal to the payments made to the KohSamui Retirement Village towards purchasing the property, up to the date of refund*. No capital gain or interest rate applies to the full payment refund.

*Conditions apply